The JM Ocean Avenue Compensation Explained
by our Featured Guest Josh Higginbotham

Josh Higgenbotham, Director of Marketing @ JMOA, is our featured guest and he is going to show us the JMOA compensation plan as well as help everyone to understand how to make the money work for you. Do not miss this meeting. The meeting will be opened for questions via the Ivocalize Conference room.

Special Guest Master Distributor Kauri Thompson
coming to this week’s Thursday Meeting.

I’ve told people literally for years, that attending your Company conventions is imperative to the growth of your business. And I have truly meant it… But THIS upcoming JMOA Convention in Las Vegas is probably one of the most important things you can possibly do for the success of your JM Ocean Avenue Business.


Unlike a LOT of well-established Network Marketing Companies who have 1,000s of attendees just automatically attend their conventions each year (as we will have within the next 2 years) THIS convention is really the LAUNCH of a Billion Dollar Company and you have the opportunity to not only be a part of that, but to set yourself up as one of the initial leaders of this Company. And of course as a leader, you’ll receive unbelievable …


It’s because at this convention, they’re going to be unveiling really two systems that, once you understand them and put them into action, it’s going to give you an enormous head-start on everyone else who didn’t attend. And I don’t mean by a couple of weeks or even months, but by at least 6 months! That’s because…

You’ll also not only see and receive Shelly Maguire’s latest Products, but you’ll be receiving…

You’re going to receive powerful training on…

Kauri Thompson Master Distributor will be filling us in on what the “…” is all about


Thursday  October 2nd 7pm PDT, 8pm MDT, 9pm CDT, 10pm EDT, 2am London Time.

Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0156   Conference Code: 884956

Kauri will share not only WHY you should attend, but for many of you who need it… how you can AFFORD to attend!

Our Weekly Guest Inventor Shelly Maguire
The developer and inventor of the 2 Minute Miracle

Shelly is forever positive, upbeat and 100% sincere. She always offers new insights and shares with us selling tips, coming products, research insights and her history with the Home Shopping Network. Expect the unexpected with Shelly!

Lastly your host Thomas Prendergast
With over 20 years on the Internet and Network Marketing
I am eternally @ your service

Tablets are shipping (I know finally) and I want to share with you the power you who are receiving these you will have in your hands. My vision is to empower the Internet Marketer to become a force of prosperity in the realm of warm marketing as well as empower the warm marketer with the lightening fast abilities the Tablet gives you access to, tethered to the Internet.

It truly is a vision extraordinaire.

Do not miss this meeting. Either log into the conference room (preferred) or dial into the phone bridge. You will find everything you need at the Wavefour Blog:

Conference Room
Subsribe to the Blog
Members Only

Only Highlights will be recorded and posted in the password protected back office. You must attend to get the new password, but you want to be there I promise this is getting extremely exciting.

Thomas Prendergast

Thursday  October 2nd 7pm PDT, 8pm MDT, 9pm CDT, 10pm EDT, 2am London Time.

Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0156   Conference Code: 884956

International? Join us in the Iv conference room.

Special Guest Meeting and Synchronicity
Thursday, September 25th, 2014 | Author:

We have special guests coming to our meeting tonight. I have been busy with getting South America open and sponsoring $50k earners. Not to mention setting up more Fan Pages as well as getting the Tablets out to the qualified members in our organization. But let’s get back to the big news here shall we?

We have the new Director of Marketing Josh Higginbotham attending this week’s meeting and we will also have Shelly Maguire as a special guest too. You know Shelly is the inventor if the 2 Minute Miracle so if you have questions about the product, now’s your chance? Maybe she will reveal some of her new products coming as well.

Then there is Josh who will be revealing the new directions the company will be headed and you do not want to miss that either. It is a total confirmation that the 20 year vision I have had for assisted marketing, came to Ocean Avenue through Josh and not Mike and I. What? Are you confused?

When Mike and I met Josh, he started outlining where he wanted to take JM Ocean Avenue with Ebay and Amazon stores (api) for qualified ambassadors, real powerful APPS for mobile devices, coop marketing systems, you know, all the stuff we did with Veretekk and are doing with MarketHive and have been building for JM Ocean.

Folks that is called synchronicity and it means we are in the right place at the right time. It means we are going to see a revolution occur. It means when an idea’s time has come there is no stopping it and all of us are at the birth of this revolution.

And you know what that means. It also means Do Not Miss This Meeting. See you there.

Weekly meetings move to Thursday
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 | Author:

As we move forward with our Tethered Marketing campaigns I will be offering live Tablet training webinars to help you understand the power of your tablet and how to make it do what you want it to do. This will be live screen video in actual application. Make sure you bring your questions to these webinars.

But….Wait, I have yet to start shipping the tablets to those of you that have either earned them or are going to get gifted by me.

This weeks meeting we will discuss the tablets, blogs, fan pages and Youtube channels. This is the finalization of my Phase One for you in JMOI. We will also have Mike Darling on the call to share his perspective of the Leadership meeting that took place last week in Salt Lake at JMOA headquarters.

This meeting at our new Thursday date is the preliminary meeting that will reveal to you why the following week will be a meeting you will want everyone you know to attend. That meeting will have Josh Higginbothem, Camaron Corr, Shelly Maguire, Deidre Howard, Mike Darling and myself, to share with you why JMOA is the next class of marketing. No longer is JMOA a MLM or Network Marketing business. Come find out why every living entrepreneur is going to join this business when they discover what Assisted Marketing really is and what it means to you and me.

It is the beginning of a direction words will not adequately describe. But I will tell you this, those that know me, and experienced Veretekk, were involved in Trivita, know my vision has always been about empowering the little guy and gal with the power of today’s technology to be able to create integrated systems empowered by large organizations, to produce success for everyone involved, assistance for selling on Ebay, Amazon, etc., assistance to produce leads, customers and distributors via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc., assistance to be able to invest in customer and distributor acquisition.

This meeting is the milestone of the beginning of this new direction.

See you there.

The Power of the Internet in your pocket
Wednesday, September 03rd, 2014 | Author:

Imagine being a warm marketer (They are the big earners) with the power of the Internet in your pocket. This video is a follow up from the recent blog I just published yesterday. Hope to see you tomorrow as we start arming our troops to start this revolution!


The Android Marketer
Tuesday, September 02nd, 2014 | Author:

We are revolutionizing the way business is done.









In 1992 I entered the WWW, actually I wandered into it. You see I was an ad agency in the 80s and knew this Internet thing was coming. In 1984 I got a Mac Plus (wow like 30 years ago? really?). Oh my merciful God, I am getting old, and so is the Internet. OK, my point is this!

The Internet has changed everything. Social structure, politics, war, communications, the way we do business and MLM. Albeit, most MLM companies are run by old guys like me, yet they, unlike me, have no discernible clue the magnitude the Internet has invaded everything. Do you understand that? Your phone, your TV, your music, medical treatment, food, material distribution, dating, raising children, schooling and a lot more are all revolutionized and totally and undeniably changed for ever. Many companies and organizations that resisted this change went out of business and quickly.

I share this and revisit this bit of historic summary because the point is, the very sharp and defined point is this!

Listen up MLM companies! The Internet pervades everything, it is in our pockets, our cars, our TVs, our very glasses (thanks Google), all communications, heck even in our refrigerators and electric meters. Yet most if not all MLM companies still insist on trying to control and prevent you, the MLM distributor, from utilizing long establish methods to bring products and services to market like Ebay, Amazon, Craigs list, Alibaba, etc. Not to mention, Facebook, Youtube and Google.

Yet the trends and the pressure is there and increasing exponentially to move there, to open up and let the MLM marketer have access to move product and services in every platform that is available. And I will tell you this, before I die, this barrier will be breached. Breached, crushed and it will reek devastation to those MLM companies that continue to resist this trend.

I will also guarantee you one other obvious result of this coming breach in the wall, the first company that actually breaches this barrier will open up a flood gate of exponential growth in their coffers and will also set the bar for all the other MLM companies that survive to quickly follow. For those companies that don’t they will fade quickly and become a small foot note joining the other prideful companies that died quickly and became long forgotten.

You are hearing it more and more, customer acquisition programs, coop marketing models, bringing the cooperation of the mother company to build tools to put into the hands of their distributors, to give global access to the warm market. The time has come. And you know I know this because I have been driving like a mad man to achieve this for decades.

The Time Has Come!

With technologies we have developed, like the advertising Coop Cubes, campaign group management organizations, the integrated Facebook FAN pages, the vertically developed Youtube channels, Google Plus, branding and validation, PDF duplication, and now, a huge break through called Tethered Marketing (Droid Tablets to be exact). Millions of people that now have understanding, access and command of what the Internet offers and literally lightening fast social networks and communications, the old paradigm is dead! Dead I tell you. And now with moving into Tablets, we take this incredible power at your finger tips and set you loose on the world, the real world, on roller skates going through huge social scenes in the real world, with the same power and command you have on the Internet, now in your hands in the real world. The dawn of Tablet Marketing has arrived.

Take me for instance, my warm market spans the entire planet. I have close personal friends in every country on this planet. Literally millions of people are within instant communications from my finger tips and trust me I take this fact with a great deal of respect and humility.  My close friends number in the 1000s. My very tight confidants number in the 100s and  have best friends I have never met face to face. OK? Get my point?

This coming Wednesday I will be hosting a live conference at

Please join us in the iVocalize room.  If you can not get on the Internet feel free to call in the phone bridge.

I will be revealing more Facebook FAN page techniques, tips and more content for you to use. I will also be assigning some of my coveted FAN pages, domains, Youtube channels, Tablets and POP displays to those of you that firstly, show up, came in at or have achieved Diamond, enrolled by me with a few exceptions, at least in my down line (with a few exceptions there as well) and are working at building this business.

I will finish with this thought, this hope, this vision this prayer. That Ocean Avenue follows through with opening up the flood gates, makes APIs available that allows us to have our own stores in Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Craigs list, Facebook and our own domains. That Ocean Avenue embraces the brave new world of MLM Assisted Marketing, That is right, let’s call it what it is becoming and should become. Assisted Marketing. Give us the new modern tools and get out of our way. Let us market the way the Internet has laid the world before us, without fetters and without interference.

And I will bring you the advanced techniques and trainers and mentors to build you into hybrid marketers, Android Marketers, the new class of marketers with the wisdom of the warm marketers and the advantages of the Internet marketers.

See you this Wednesday as we prepare to establish a new world order in business, built by the little guys and gals, with freedom as our foundation and liberty as our compass. Pray for Ocean Avenue to see this new vision and become that company that breaks from tradition and embraces Assisted Marketing.

See you there,



Thomas Prendergast
The Marketing Director





Announcing New Executive Team Members

JM Ocean Avenue is pleased to announce the appointment of a new CEO and CFO.

Tim Richerson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of JM HK and a Member of the Board of Directors, Tim has also been named the Chief Executive Officer and President of JM OA, Inc. Both assignments are effective immediately.
“As JM Ocean Avenue opens this new chapter, characterized by global expansion and an even greater focus on the success of our Distributors, the Board is confident that Tim is the right person to lead the company forward and we are pleased that he has joined us.” Joe Zhou, Chairman of the Board-JMOA

Mr. Richerson brings 30+ years of vast and varied experience that includes consumer, financial and web based companies both in the public and private sector. Most recently as a Director of the Burnham Financial Group (, a current Partner in GT Development and a Partner in a private web based auction business. Also from 2003—2008 Mr. Richerson formed the Alan James Group, LLC with a partner where they acquired a group of consumer product brands from Boehringer Ingelheim. He then built the Alan James portfolio of well-known brands consisting of over 30,000 food, drug, mass and warehouse club retail distribution outlets. The Alan James Group was acquired by Interleukin Genetics in 2006 (majority owned by Alticor Inc.). Mr. Richerson was named Interleukins CEO and continued to consult for Alticor through 2013.

From 1997 – 2002, Mr. Richerson was with Rexall Sundown Inc., a NASDAQ listed company. In the 5 years with Rexall Sundown Inc., Mr. Richerson served as the General Manager as well as the company President. During his tenure Rexall’s revenues grew from $100M to over $700M. Mr. Richerson also served as a member of the Numico North American Executive Management Committee that oversaw all Numico U.S. holdings, which included: General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Rexall Sundown and Unicity Direct Selling. Prior to this, he was with Playtex Products, Inc. for 10 years, where he held positions as Vice President of Sales in the Consumer Products Division and Vice President of Trade Marketing. Playtex, at the time, was owned in part by T. H. Lee Partners and eventually went public on the NYSE in 1995. Tim is also a prior member of YPO, (Young Presidents Organization).
“He has a proven ability to create strategic clarity, ensure disciplined execution, and deliver results. We believe that his passion for both this business and our Distributors will ensure that JM Ocean Avenue continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives.” Jackie Zhang, Vice Chairman-JMOA

With the addition of Tim Richerson, JM Ocean Avenue’s Board of Directors consists of Joe Zhou-Chairman of the Board, Jackie Zhang-Vice Chairman, Bruce Fang-President and Fred Ninow, Chief Sales Officer.

JM Ocean Avenue is also pleased to announce the appointment of Elsa Sung as Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Ms. Sung comes to JM Ocean Avenue with a wealth of experience in budgeting and planning, financial reporting, auditing, accounting systems, and business operations.
She joined the Company in January 2014. She is a founding member of Metis Limited, a boutique consulting firm specializing in providing outsourced accounting, finance and operational services to companies located in the greater China area. From June 2007 to January 2013, Ms. Sung was Vice President and Board Director of CFO Oncall, Inc. During her tenure, she led the firm’s Client Services Division in China and developed the firm’s strategic plans for its China operations. Ms. Sung also served as Chief Financial Officer for Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a Nasdaq (Global Market) listed pharmaceutical company with operations in China, from November 2007 to March 2011.

From 2002 to 2007, she held positions of increasing responsibility as a Senior Auditor for Ernst and Young, LLP, and as Senior Internal Auditor for Applica Consumer Products, Inc., a publicly traded company. She also served as Audit Manager for Sherb and Company, where she was responsible for providing assurance services to public
companies located in China.

Ms. Sung holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting and a BS in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. She also holds a BS in Sociology from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

“We welcome Elsa to the JM Ocean Avenue Management Team as we move towards our next phase of growth. Her broad range of experience and her expertise in China and the Americas will be critical in the execution of our strategic initiatives and we look forward to working with her,” said Tim Richerson, CEO.

Wavefour Meeting Notice and updates

New meeting time same day Wednesday but an hour later for our West Coast members. Meeting every Wednesday at 6pm PDT, 7pm MDT, 8pm CDT. 9pm EDT, 2am (London) BST, 3am (Rome) CEST, 9am (Perth) AWST, 3pm (Hawaii) HAST.

Or check the World Clock at and set your time accordingly 1:00 GMT. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Now, I have slaved and sacrificed for the last 3 months. Advocating with JMOA as a start up company to attain the automation, sample fulfillment automation, better comp plan, customer acquisition, virtual warehouses, 800 numbers, etc. to improve your position for success.

Having produced over 50 videos for our use. Produced incredible advertising images in excess of 200. Building a Tablet marketing system and testing out scores of Tablets having spent nearly $2000 already in this process.

Having developed and produced scores of Youtube channels, same with Facebook FAN pages to aid in your marketing efforts, not to replace them.

In other words, I am putting in herculean effort for your success, my simple request from you is to lead, follow or get out of the way. Once a week, show up for the Wednesday meetings. I will no longer record these for anyone that does not show up. I will record for my own footage for future meetings, etc.

But if you do not at least show up, expect no support from me. You are on your own, with few exceptions (yes there will be some exceptions).

With that said, all content, videos, downloads will be available in our password protected area in our Wavefour.Net  back office at

Password is: “surfsup” but expect the password to change with every meeting we have.

Calendar, conference room and bridge phone are accessible at
Blog Subscribe function is found here:

And the blog content is here (duh):


I am trying to weed out those that waste my time, have entitlement attitude, are unteachable and are chronically lazy.

In other words, show up, or let me know in advance why you can not make it. Broken leg, run over by a bus, unexpected warfare in the area, massive earthquake or tsunami or like Mike and I, hit by lightening (join the club).

This weeks meeting will be more updates as to the direction of the company, current issues then hands on with the tools etc. we are developing. BTW: Real close to finish Tablet campaign.
Looking forward to a bigger turnout this time around.

Thomas Prendergast

Director of Marketing

Art Director
Attention on deck
Tuesday, August 05th, 2014 | Author:

Wednesday August 06, 2014

Attention all hands. This is your captain speaking. At 20:00 hours (8pm) EDT, that would be 5pm PDT, we will be conducting our first weekly management and marketing webinar. Updates followed by hands on marketing training, techniques, and strategies.

We are experiencing success in many market arenas and want you to become aware as well as up to date.

Note: Login with your REAL first name and last name. If I do not recognize you, you will be removed from the conference. This meeting will be recorded and made available via this blog.


See you there. Carry on.

Thomas Prendergast

WaveFour – Automated Sales Calling System
Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 | Author:



WaveFour – Sales Calling Service – Let us build your business for you… Sales professionals who will call and sell your prospects for you, do all of the follow up, and close them into your business! Come learn about this powerful business building approach.

Saturday, July 19, 2014
10:00 am and 6:00 pm MDT



For over 18 years running Veretekk we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver systems designed to help level the playing field for the little guy. And perhaps nothing does so better than solving the fundamental challenge faced by everyone.
Read the original article here…


A message to my Facebook Friends
Monday, July 07th, 2014 | Author:

Attention Women: Most men won’t get this, because women make the best online marketers and understand why home schooling is important

For 13 years I have been living well on the residual income many of you hear the promise about. It is a reality that does exist, I am testimony to this. It started because I recognized the proper trends, timing and demand for the product and services that occurred and were offered back in 2001. After 6 months I not only built a 6 figure income from it that lasted more than 10 years, I also helped build a significant income for 100s of others. It was very satisfying to accomplish this. It allowed me so much latitude to accomplish many other things, like home school my children and live out in the middle of Wyoming on 400 acres.

After 13 years I have decided to move forward to build a new income empire for myself as well as 1000s of others. So you may ask why?

It all starts with a product that has a good market. It must have a retention or reorder rate that produces the long term residual. It must be a product that allows for “just customers” where you can build an organization where you have at least a 10 customer to distributor ration with a 100 customer to distributor ratio or better is optimum. Do I need to explain why this is so important?

It must be run by a stable company that has been in business for the long term, at least two years, in 20+ countries, with millions (literally billions) in cash reserves. So you don’t have to worry about the company blowing it, which happens way too often.

And to make matters even better, the originator, the inventor, the woman behind all this has an incredible story and is called to help you, the little guy and gal to achieve success. The spirit of a true entrepreneur and philanthropist. She was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Cystic Fibrosis and was not expected to live past 8 years old. She has defeated all the odds, at the age of 54 today, and is a living miracle, going strong and beautiful beyond belief, a miracle in just that and she wants to leave you as part of her legacy a story of your own miraculous recovery and success.

However, this is a great story but it just gets even better….

This is not a Binary nor is it a Uni-level. It is an amazing 5 leg infinity plan that pays out a whopping 12% to infinity on your legs. This is the result of some very innovative folks that understand how binaries bring in large front money but Uni-levels make the field a better place for the little guy and gal and now this is what this plan is. Massive potential for the recruiter and solid income for the masses.

I literally have massive leads, sphere of influence, huge social networks and remember I own Veretekk which has a membership database of literally millions that will all be invited to join me in this business.

I am inviting you to get involved with this soft launch of the new comp plan and the roll out of a product 100% of the consumer wants that works in 2 minutes.

Let that sink in. 100% of the time, within 2 minutes and we are in 20+ countries with warehouses, offices and staff. This is the big one and I am committed to it 100%.

Please join us on Facebook @ The 2 Minute Miracle

Feel free to call me @ 307-272-6540 for further details or to request my free sample pack no obligations mailed direct to you. Leave your phone number.