Announcing New Executive Team Members

JM Ocean Avenue is pleased to announce the appointment of a new CEO and CFO.

Tim Richerson has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of JM HK and a Member of the Board of Directors, Tim has also been named the Chief Executive Officer and President of JM OA, Inc. Both assignments are effective immediately.
“As JM Ocean Avenue opens this new chapter, characterized by global expansion and an even greater focus on the success of our Distributors, the Board is confident that Tim is the right person to lead the company forward and we are pleased that he has joined us.” Joe Zhou, Chairman of the Board-JMOA

Mr. Richerson brings 30+ years of vast and varied experience that includes consumer, financial and web based companies both in the public and private sector. Most recently as a Director of the Burnham Financial Group (www.BurnhamFinancial.com), a current Partner in GT Development and a Partner in a private web based auction business. Also from 2003—2008 Mr. Richerson formed the Alan James Group, LLC with a partner where they acquired a group of consumer product brands from Boehringer Ingelheim. He then built the Alan James portfolio of well-known brands consisting of over 30,000 food, drug, mass and warehouse club retail distribution outlets. The Alan James Group was acquired by Interleukin Genetics in 2006 (majority owned by Alticor Inc.). Mr. Richerson was named Interleukins CEO and continued to consult for Alticor through 2013.

From 1997 – 2002, Mr. Richerson was with Rexall Sundown Inc., a NASDAQ listed company. In the 5 years with Rexall Sundown Inc., Mr. Richerson served as the General Manager as well as the company President. During his tenure Rexall’s revenues grew from $100M to over $700M. Mr. Richerson also served as a member of the Numico North American Executive Management Committee that oversaw all Numico U.S. holdings, which included: General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Rexall Sundown and Unicity Direct Selling. Prior to this, he was with Playtex Products, Inc. for 10 years, where he held positions as Vice President of Sales in the Consumer Products Division and Vice President of Trade Marketing. Playtex, at the time, was owned in part by T. H. Lee Partners and eventually went public on the NYSE in 1995. Tim is also a prior member of YPO, (Young Presidents Organization).
“He has a proven ability to create strategic clarity, ensure disciplined execution, and deliver results. We believe that his passion for both this business and our Distributors will ensure that JM Ocean Avenue continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives.” Jackie Zhang, Vice Chairman-JMOA

With the addition of Tim Richerson, JM Ocean Avenue’s Board of Directors consists of Joe Zhou-Chairman of the Board, Jackie Zhang-Vice Chairman, Bruce Fang-President and Fred Ninow, Chief Sales Officer.

JM Ocean Avenue is also pleased to announce the appointment of Elsa Sung as Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Ms. Sung comes to JM Ocean Avenue with a wealth of experience in budgeting and planning, financial reporting, auditing, accounting systems, and business operations.
She joined the Company in January 2014. She is a founding member of Metis Limited, a boutique consulting firm specializing in providing outsourced accounting, finance and operational services to companies located in the greater China area. From June 2007 to January 2013, Ms. Sung was Vice President and Board Director of CFO Oncall, Inc. During her tenure, she led the firm’s Client Services Division in China and developed the firm’s strategic plans for its China operations. Ms. Sung also served as Chief Financial Officer for Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a Nasdaq (Global Market) listed pharmaceutical company with operations in China, from November 2007 to March 2011.

From 2002 to 2007, she held positions of increasing responsibility as a Senior Auditor for Ernst and Young, LLP, and as Senior Internal Auditor for Applica Consumer Products, Inc., a publicly traded company. She also served as Audit Manager for Sherb and Company, where she was responsible for providing assurance services to public
companies located in China.

Ms. Sung holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting and a BS in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. She also holds a BS in Sociology from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

“We welcome Elsa to the JM Ocean Avenue Management Team as we move towards our next phase of growth. Her broad range of experience and her expertise in China and the Americas will be critical in the execution of our strategic initiatives and we look forward to working with her,” said Tim Richerson, CEO.

Wavefour Meeting Notice and updates

New meeting time same day Wednesday but an hour later for our West Coast members. Meeting every Wednesday at 6pm PDT, 7pm MDT, 8pm CDT. 9pm EDT, 2am (London) BST, 3am (Rome) CEST, 9am (Perth) AWST, 3pm (Hawaii) HAST.

Or check the World Clock at http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ and set your time accordingly 1:00 GMT. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Now, I have slaved and sacrificed for the last 3 months. Advocating with JMOA as a start up company to attain the automation, sample fulfillment automation, better comp plan, customer acquisition, virtual warehouses, 800 numbers, etc. to improve your position for success.

Having produced over 50 videos for our use. Produced incredible advertising images in excess of 200. Building a Tablet marketing system and testing out scores of Tablets having spent nearly $2000 already in this process.

Having developed and produced scores of Youtube channels, same with Facebook FAN pages to aid in your marketing efforts, not to replace them.

In other words, I am putting in herculean effort for your success, my simple request from you is to lead, follow or get out of the way. Once a week, show up for the Wednesday meetings. I will no longer record these for anyone that does not show up. I will record for my own footage for future meetings, etc.

But if you do not at least show up, expect no support from me. You are on your own, with few exceptions (yes there will be some exceptions).

With that said, all content, videos, downloads will be available in our password protected area in our Wavefour.Net  back office at http://wavefour.net/?page_id=618

Password is: “surfsup” but expect the password to change with every meeting we have.

Calendar, conference room and bridge phone are accessible at http://wavefour.net/?page_id=562
Blog Subscribe function is found here: http://wavefour.net/?page_id=568

And the blog content is here (duh): http://wavefour.net/


I am trying to weed out those that waste my time, have entitlement attitude, are unteachable and are chronically lazy.

In other words, show up, or let me know in advance why you can not make it. Broken leg, run over by a bus, unexpected warfare in the area, massive earthquake or tsunami or like Mike and I, hit by lightening (join the club).

This weeks meeting will be more updates as to the direction of the company, current issues then hands on with the tools etc. we are developing. BTW: Real close to finish Tablet campaign.
Looking forward to a bigger turnout this time around.

Thomas Prendergast

Director of Marketing

Art Director
Attention on deck
Tuesday, August 05th, 2014 | Author:

Wednesday August 06, 2014

Attention all hands. This is your captain speaking. At 20:00 hours (8pm) EDT, that would be 5pm PDT, we will be conducting our first weekly management and marketing webinar. Updates followed by hands on marketing training, techniques, and strategies.

We are experiencing success in many market arenas and want you to become aware as well as up to date.

Note: Login with your REAL first name and last name. If I do not recognize you, you will be removed from the conference. This meeting will be recorded and made available via this blog.



See you there. Carry on.

Thomas Prendergast

WaveFour – Automated Sales Calling System
Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 | Author:



WaveFour – Sales Calling Service – Let us build your business for you… Sales professionals who will call and sell your prospects for you, do all of the follow up, and close them into your business! Come learn about this powerful business building approach.

Saturday, July 19, 2014
10:00 am and 6:00 pm MDT



For over 18 years running Veretekk we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver systems designed to help level the playing field for the little guy. And perhaps nothing does so better than solving the fundamental challenge faced by everyone.
Read the original article here…


A message to my Facebook Friends
Monday, July 07th, 2014 | Author:


Attention Women: Most men won’t get this, because women make the best online marketers and understand why home schooling is important

For 13 years I have been living well on the residual income many of you hear the promise about. It is a reality that does exist, I am testimony to this. It started because I recognized the proper trends, timing and demand for the product and services that occurred and were offered back in 2001. After 6 months I not only built a 6 figure income from it that lasted more than 10 years, I also helped build a significant income for 100s of others. It was very satisfying to accomplish this. It allowed me so much latitude to accomplish many other things, like home school my children and live out in the middle of Wyoming on 400 acres.

After 13 years I have decided to move forward to build a new income empire for myself as well as 1000s of others. So you may ask why?

It all starts with a product that has a good market. It must have a retention or reorder rate that produces the long term residual. It must be a product that allows for “just customers” where you can build an organization where you have at least a 10 customer to distributor ration with a 100 customer to distributor ratio or better is optimum. Do I need to explain why this is so important?

It must be run by a stable company that has been in business for the long term, at least two years, in 20+ countries, with millions (literally billions) in cash reserves. So you don’t have to worry about the company blowing it, which happens way too often.

And to make matters even better, the originator, the inventor, the woman behind all this has an incredible story and is called to help you, the little guy and gal to achieve success. The spirit of a true entrepreneur and philanthropist. She was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Cystic Fibrosis and was not expected to live past 8 years old. She has defeated all the odds, at the age of 54 today, and is a living miracle, going strong and beautiful beyond belief, a miracle in just that and she wants to leave you as part of her legacy a story of your own miraculous recovery and success.

However, this is a great story but it just gets even better….

This is not a Binary nor is it a Uni-level. It is an amazing 5 leg infinity plan that pays out a whopping 12% to infinity on your legs. This is the result of some very innovative folks that understand how binaries bring in large front money but Uni-levels make the field a better place for the little guy and gal and now this is what this plan is. Massive potential for the recruiter and solid income for the masses.

I literally have massive leads, sphere of influence, huge social networks and remember I own Veretekk which has a membership database of literally millions that will all be invited to join me in this business.

I am inviting you to get involved with this soft launch of the new comp plan and the roll out of a product 100% of the consumer wants that works in 2 minutes.

Let that sink in. 100% of the time, within 2 minutes and we are in 20+ countries with warehouses, offices and staff. This is the big one and I am committed to it 100%.

Please join us on Facebook @ The 2 Minute Miracle

Feel free to call me @ 307-272-6540 for further details or to request my free sample pack no obligations mailed direct to you. Leave your phone number.


Letter to another leader in the industry.

There are a few things I want to cover in this email to you that contains the links to my Wavrider (JM Ocean Avenue Channel). First you had mentioned the assumed campaign that perhaps I was trying to retain the natural structure of my T*****a business. I am not. Let me explain.

K***m P****I was aware of my involvement at the get go, because he is an investor in my new business venture (MarketHive) a non MLM social network company that we initially raised $500,000 to build a year ago and will be launched sometime this year, and then the serendipity of Karim and I unbeknown to each other of possibly joining Nurium back in early April. We talked about this a bit today.

So it was a natural that he had the opportunity to get positioned within days of my joining JM Ocean Avenue back April 15. I have also broadcasted several large email blasts to my Veretekk organization of 100s of thousands of members on a consistent basis of what we are doing. Primarily that Veretekk has been sold to JM OA and is being converted to a new system that makes the entire Gold system (which sells for $54.95 per month right now) to be all 100% free. Becoming a primary lead generation and automated marketing system for everyone but vertically enabled to promote the 2 Minute Miracle.

With me so far?

A*****e V**a, also a MarketHive investor became aware of what I was doing and called me on her own accord. She requested that I enroll her myself as she respects how I do business, and also sees this merger to be the most advantages for her as well. So I enrolled her before the initial merger took place. Back then it was a comp plan similar to Organo Gold. A binary and uni-level hybrid. Thereby Annette was enrolled by me on one leg and Karim enrolled by me on the other. The merger put them into my primary 1st leg of the 5 legs now as the new comp plan dictates. This new system produces 5 power legs so if you decide to join, any leg right now would be most advantages to enroll under. Your choice.

But regarding my T*****a organization, I am not pitching this to anyone in it. It is not how I do business. I don’t have to. I did talk to Corey R****y and Bryan W***h about it as I had contacted them prior to all this to enquire as to what they were planning on doing since T*****a pulled the trigger to kill the COOP Marketing service. This was back around April 02 or so. Because of this I kept them up to date as to what I am doing. When I shared with Bryan and had sent him the samples of the 2 Minute Miracle he immediately joined and became my second enrollment.

Cody is seriously considering but I think he is off with “Something Else” and honestly, that is fine as well. Your decision to run with Nurium is cool with me too.

Here is why. I will literally raise millions in ad budgets to run massive campaigns and once these campaigns begin I will literally bring in the masses into this business. I am confident this will occur because of the incredible product(s) (2 Minute Miracle), it’s running statistics and my personal relationships with the CEO but even more important my relationship with Shelly Maquire the developer of this product. What I mean by running statistics is the fact this product ran for 8 years under contract with The Home Shopping Club and broke records with sales but even more incredible, achieved a consistent 97% reorder rate over those 8 years. You know what that means. Nothing comes close in this market.

I hope this is making sense. I feel like I am in the vortex of a huge tsunami with all of this.

The company will have (we are developing the first 2)

  1. Customer Acquisition
  2. Distributor Conversion
  3. Virtual Autoship (in 24 countries) The are committed to this and confirmed by the head of the IT department
  4. Same product and comp plan internationally (24 countries) including China
  5. 800 numbers for all distributors to use to sell product by
  6. API scripts for product sales in Amazon and Ebay

We are developing and will have ready within 30 days

  1. Complete pre-loaded (all the videos for selling from the short elevator pitch to the complete presentations for Spas, videos for explaining the comp plan, and videos for training the new distributors and an AP for signing people up and accessing the back office) Tablets at $50 each, in an autoship fulfillment system to order for your new enrollments thereby super duplicating your organization overnight.
  2. Fully functioning lead capture systems that integrate with a professional telemarketing sales canter that calls your leads and converts them to customers/distributors.
  3. The complete conversion of Veretekk into the Wavriders automated Gold system for 100% free as both a tool and lead generator.
  4. A huge T*****a acquisition ad campaign to attract the T*****a distributor into our lead capture system via massive ad campaigns press releases and video marketing strategies. I plan on launching this in 30-60 days.
  5. POP store displays (these are done and ready to ship) that offer free samples for the name, email and phone number for display at Points of Sale at Hair salons, spas, coffee shops, etc.

But none of this would mater if the product was mediocre, overpriced or had a demonstration period of weeks or months to see results (typical of almost every MLM offer).

2 Minute Miracle (Just Flat Out Works!) already has the proven track record of 8 years in the retail market on the Home Shopping Club where it sold over 100 million jars at the same (adjusted for inflation) price as we have. We have it exclusively and there is a huge market for it. Retail sales are already occurring at stellar rates. The product works 100% of the time for 100% of the people within 2 minutes. These stats alone are what got my attention.

100% of the time. Within 2 minutes. And there is a huge demand and market for it. And we have the total exclusivity. And we are at the very top of this at the very beginning of this.

In my opinion, this is going to be historic, it is going to make millionaires out of common people that have never achieved any success in this industry. This company, this comp plan and this product has been positioned to empower the little guy and gal to attain stellar success. And I am blessed to be in this position with this company to be a primary, strategic partner in helping to make this happen.

OK so I get long winded, but this event, this opportunity, this phenomena deserves critical attention and my in-depth analysis so you can make the classic educated decision on what you need to do, why to do it or interest in further consideration. Everything else out there will be overshadowed by this within this year.

In summary, I am here and so is the entire upline to support you and the people you bring in to achieve success, My entire upline (5 between me and the company) have reached out to us, are engaged with us, training my organization to kick start and run as they have done. They are all already achieving $10k, $15k and higher monthly checks within the last 60 days. I am not far behind them, but then I have not thrown my switch yet.

Because of the nature of my beast(s) I take a few months to get up to speed because I build super systems as I love to create marketing campaigns that literally crush everything else in the way.

Here is to your success S****R D**E in all that you pursue. Of course I would love to have you up close and tight working with me, as you are very talented, but either way, we shall remain respectful and in that spirit I do wish you the very best in all you pursue.

With great appreciation I remain sincerely yours,

Thomas Prendergast
Director Marketing
Market Hive

My JM Ocean Avenue Youtube Channel:

My JM Ocean Avenue blog

My JM Ocean Avenue Fan Page


Ocean Avenue just merged with a muli-billion dollar Asian company (JM) so now the company is bulging with huge cash reserves. This is good news as it means they will be able to withstand massive growth.

Want to know more about MarketHive join our Fan page at
Slide24 Slide23

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The Wavefour Tsunami is just about here.

Grab your wax and boards and come to the Oʻahu.

Complete Details on the New Comp Plan and ALL the Exciting News of the NEW JM Ocean Avenue Launch

Join us on Monday, Jun 9, 2014 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

Space is limited.
Arrive early first come first serve:

There has been some HUGE announcements in regards to the JM/Ocean Avenue Venture. New Products, New Locations around the World to build and a New Compensation Plan that, though somewhat different from what we’ve had, is powerful, easy to build and especially strong for the NEW Person just getting started.

Please note… Like ANY transition between softwares/comp plans and mergers (of which we have ALL THREE here) the transition can be a little rough. Especially fitting 2 comp plans together in New Software programming. There are some minor glitches and bugs that they’re working on throughout the weekend, but everything should be smooth sailing with in the next few days.

PLEASE have patience as your patience will be well rewarded!


Like us at our WAVEFOUR like page

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The Momentum is building
Saturday, May 24th, 2014 | Author:

The anticipation is building… but already the results are pouring in. Do you know what happens when you combine a viral product, with a billion dollar company merger, with a unique business building system where professionals call your prospects to do all the sales work for you? If you do, you’ll know that the “fourth wave” is the one to paddle out for.

Find out more:

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The Big One
Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 | Author:


This post is for my surfing buddies and friends who want to know what kind of systems we have and want more information on the products. So here goes, the story from my perspective and why I believe this will be an historic experience for the next 10+ years. Buckle up cupcake, the ride will be extreme!

I have included many links but before I post them I wanted to say that I have been prepping for an event like this for nearly 20 years. If you remember the September swell from New Zealand in 1975 (Known as the Monster from New Zealand and has the distinction of the best surf California has ever had and will probably ever have) I could write a book about it. But my point is, I was at my prime for that event, with my friend Jinx Olsen and John Metz (I think our other surf bro Lance Jones came down later that week from our home in Santa Cruz). We had become very disciplined at surfing and we were in perfect physical shape and ready for the big event. But to top it off, we were also on a business trip and happened to arrive in Southern California the night before that 3 week perfect swell event hit.

No doubt the September swell was and still is the number one summer swell of all time. San Diego was 10-20 feet. Wind and Sea was perfect hollow thick lefts all day every day for almost 3 weeks. The Santa Ana offshore wind brought with it 101 degree days and the water got real cold for the locals, not us northern Cal surfers, because of the huge surf. With glassy conditions as well, I entered into a timeless mecca of perfect surf. Even Gerry Lopez shared the same breaks with us at Bird Rock in San Diego.

Spawned by a storm southwest of New Zealand, nearly 6,000 miles away, the swell was incredibly wide, hitting big from Baja California to Santa Barbara.

It built steadily and by the time it peaked on Sept. 25, 1975, surfers were calling it one of the best summer swells ever, one so epic that Surfer magazine devoted 14 pages to it and gave it a name: the Monster From New Zealand.

“Everyone clings to the memory because everyone had a piece of it,” said Bill Sharp, publisher of Newport Beach-based Surf News magazine. “If you were a surfer in 1975, in one form or another, in some spot, on one of the days, you rode the Monster From New Zealand.

And that’s why it’s so cherished. Trestles was breaking huge and hollow, 75 to 100 yards farther out than usual. It was my first time I surfed Trestles

You got to drop to the bottom with lots of speed and go out in front of the wave and then it all starts going on. It was at least triple or quadruple overhead, it seemed like, and I am over 6 feet. It was just big.

We even surfed at night, sometimes until 2 a.m. by the light of the moon, we were in paradise!

What I am saying is we were prepared for the opportunity and found ourselves with perfect timing to be at the right place at the right time. That day Jinx, Metz and I surfed the Wedge with 20+ foot waves and we surfed everyday up and down the Southern California Coast from Santa Barbara’s Rincon (CLASSIC!) all the way down to Point Loma breaks in San Diego. These are actual pictures from that epic moment in Southern California, and I was there and I surfed it.

The Big One Today:

So why do I mention this? For over 20 years I have been marketing on the Internet. I built and ran the most innovative and first ever Automated Marketing System called Veretekk. I have a huge sphere of influence and a proverbial Masters degree in Internet and Automated Marketing expertise. I have literally 1000s of associates that I taught and are competent marketers in their own right. I am buff, ready, locked and loaded to crush the swell when it hits in a figurative way hence the analogy about surfing. Make sense, do I? Yoda, talk like, I do?

The Quiver


Surfers refer to their collections of boards as their quiver. When I was young and a surf bum, I had a growing quiver of boards, pin tails, swallow tails, single fins, triple fins, long guns, Brewers and Freeline designs. I even had a classic Gordon and Smith. My golden oldy I called my Pic’a’nic Table.  Well, we have a quiver growing in this event as well and the following is a list of what it is and what to expect as we build this business and grow our crew together.

The Crew

Our team, the locals, you, me and our sisters and brothers who join us in seeking to make their lives and their friends lives better, prepared to make a difference and excel in that process. Welcome to our crew!

Our Quiver

Now known as the Waveriders Network; Our Automated Marketing Legacy called Veretekk. This legacy old long board still drives and powers amazing lead development and SEO success and contains one of the most effective email auto responders being the first and the best. It is being made into a private labeled system, totally free and opened to anyone that wants an account. Probably the most powerful lead generator ever built. My account has over 100,000 verified quality leads in it alone. Want some? Let me know.
http://marketing.veretekk.com <– My self replicated account

I have owned this domain for 20+ years and it was where we built the first automated marketing system on in 1994. Our Wavefour.com capture system is a pin tail gun. It is for the big waves, the system integrates with a telemarketing firm that calls your leads for you and converts them into customers and distributors; Customer acquisition and distributor conversion. This is an expensive option and is for those that want to surf the big waves. The Kahuna Club!
http://wavefour.com/greybull <– My self replicated account

Facebook FanPage
Our little dove tail Freeline design board. A fun ride and designed to produce awareness and cohesiveness. It is our successful FaceBook Fan page. It is grown with organic techniques. It has reached 1500 fans in about a week and is growing around 100-200 new fans per day. We did this by building a campaign I started teaching a couple years ago on how to build huge friends in your Facebook account. It is a total social campaign that I understand and teach.

Wavefour Blog
We also have the domain wavefour.net and we use it as our blog. In fact this article will be published on that blog and the link sent to you and 1000s of others for theirs and yours edification. This blog has unique technology that gets it’s posts automatically posted to those that subscribe the blog to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. accounts, thereby creating a huge massive reach with our message. There are around 150 people subscribed to it now. Those accounts are all around 5000 friends in their network. That means the reach is about 750,000. I think that makes a good point right? When we continue to grow and more subscribe that number becomes viral and astronomical. Trust me I know what I am doing! You do want to know how to do this right? Guess what I love to do? Teach! This is our egg board. Easy to ride and helps everyone in the general sense as we take massive mind share on the Internet.

Mymiraclegel Retail system
This is another excellent tool as this self replicating site has two uses. One it is designed to sell product at retail for developing customers and it also helps lend credibility to your business because you have a sight that legitimately sells the product at retail. This is like a swallow tail, fast and quick and maneuverable for multiple occasions. Ha! There! BudaBing!

The Tablet
Think of this as a skim board. It is a powerful tool but should be categorized as a low tech tool for warm marketing and face to face. We have developed a 5 minute video that shows the benefits of the product, illustrates it’s history and amazing stats and follows up closing the viewer into the business. The Tablets also have a Ap installed so the Tablet owner can easily sign the prospect up right there on the spot. The Dragon Template also has the mini HDMI port so it easily hooks up with a digital projector so you are a traveling show if you invest in a projector. BTW: Those that enroll with me at the Gold Ambassador level get this tablet fully loaded and configured included at no additional charge.

Skim Boarding at the Wedge (actual skim boarding for edification)

The Actual Tablet
(We give one of these to you when you sign up as a Gold Ambassador)


Future tripping
(to be announced soon)

Sample Mailing
includes a sample fulfillment from our Wavefour telemarketing and fulfillment system. This just drives greater volume in your organization!

800 number
We are also putting together an 800 number into the sample request, product ordering, customer acquisition and distributor conversion service.

None of this is worth anything if there are no waves. And the big monster waves are here with the 2 Minute Miracle product exclusive to us only. A patented proven product priced competitively against brand name products that do not do what this does. A product that works 100% of the time, within 2 minutes and has a verified 97% reorder rate and sold over 100 million jars on the Home Shopping Club for nearly 10 years.

This is the virtual version of the Monster waves from New Zealand in 1995. We have the boards, (The Tools) and we know what we are doing, so we can teach you to be able to ride fast, ride big and ride for the duration.

Kawabunga and welcome to the crew. The Wave Riders Crew!


Thomas Prendergast
The Big Kahuna at your service
http://wavefour.com <– register here for a personal tour.

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My name is Thomas Prendergast. The following is an ad hock resume I threw together tonight for a top leader in the Home Based market. Our group is attracting top leaders and we are not only positioned at the top of this company, we have become the fastest growing organization in history too. And we just got started. So enjoy the story. It is all true and I am sure I have missed a lot telling the story. But I promise I will write a book about it. I love writing books and this is going to become a best seller, I am sure.

First and most important I am a big wave surfer. so I am posting a video of a scene I have seen close up and personal and want to share it with you. I don’t know why, but I am compelled to do so as it will help you understand how I tick, so to speak.

I am first and foremost a competent and successful artist, have been my whole life. In 1984 I started a direct marketing and business to business ad agency in the San Francisco Bay area (Palo Alto). That business took off with monthly revenues in excess of $2 million per month and I learned the trade of high end marketing in a competitive arena of the silicon valley revolution.

I learned about the coming Internet way before anyone else, and became a professional at direct marketing, mass mailing, leads production, fulfillment, tradeshows, video and audio development for radio, TV and display at conventions. I also won many awards for our advertising, fulfillment programs (breaking records), trade show designs, etc.

I came away from that era with full knowledge in video production, script production, directing and 3d design and development. I cut my teeth on the computer revolution as my first PC was right before the advent of the first Macintosh, and have been intimate with computer programming, development, publishing and production starting in 1984.

I am proficient and a master at the direct mail arena, 4 color publishing, fulfillment, respond campaigns from the old world. All of this experience carried over in the early 1990s as I moved away from San Francisco to a remote area in the Washington State Puget sound and started a new company in design and direct mail publishing. Shortly after that I was exposed to MLM. Unwittingly I responded to a (spam) email in my AOL account (you know back when you paid $2.95 per hour for dial up into AOL). It offered me real Internet access for $19.95 per month and offered me the ability to make a commission when I promoted it.

I thought on it for 30 days (remember I knew nothing about MLM), then went about making self-replicated installation disks for automated signups for both Macs and PCs (Back in the Windows 2.1 days). Then built a multi-color process mailer similar to the old AOL envelopes. Got 20,000 disks run, envelopes printed, letters inserted and a huge mailing list set to go bulk mail (remember this is what I did) created a professional video and bought time to run that on local public access cable. Ran a few press releases to the local radios, news agencies, local magazines and newspapers and took out display ads in the local news papers and let her rip!

In less than 30 days I put 60,000 plus people into a company I did absolutely no background checking with. My first check was massive, it bounced as the owners of the company took the money and left the country. Welcome to MLM.

I have been on a mission since.

My partner Mike Darling and I met in 1996 when he had just turned 20 and we have been together working at this quest ever since. We have experienced the best and the worse. We have built advanced marketing and genealogy systems for around 100 companies in that time. We have watched them come and watched them go We built innovated the very first automated marketing system in 1996. We built the first self-replicating system in 1994 along with the first online database connected application. We built the first autoresponder email system and the first broadcasting submission system.

We own Veretekk a 20 year old automated marketing system that we recently sold. It will be converted as the exclusive automated marketing system, full blown, like Talk Fusion, for free and configured just for OA, but can be used by anyone.


We are in the process of our newest flag ship called MarketHive. It is the advanced new flag ship of the marketing technology and will crush all the others. (This is why not a good investment in other MLM marketing service driven type businesses) because this baby will do it all, I mean all, including video emailing, auto responders, forms for capture pages, social network advanced stuff, technology for conference rooms, hosting, domain registry, blogging platforms, massive broadcasting advanced techy stuff and the entire system for totally free for life. This will be a massive lead machine as well as put all other systems out of business. You can compare what this is to http://aweber.com and http://hubspot.com. Think of it as the Enterprise juggernaut of inbound marketing technology. All for free. To compare, HubSpot charges around $3000 per month for a similar system. We invented Inbound Marketing technology. We own all our servers, our own data center, all of our technology and it has all been built on the combined experience of Mike Darling and myself.

Now what we bring to the table for Ocean Avenue business opportunity:

First of all we bring 20 plus years of experience and technology. Veretekk has a combined database in excess of 25 million subscribers. With over 200,000 top level members and an active subscriber list of over 35,000 people that visit daily. We use this platform to advertise to. We just recently took all the advertisement for our use exclusively.

We also lead this people with respect and honor and have earned the respect of the industry with over 20 years of service to the MLM industry.

We have been very patient for this time, for this moment, for this event to occur. We are ready, we are like thoroughbred race horses, we can smell the turf, adrenaline is starting to course through our veins. Our nostrils are flaring at the scent of the turf, the race about to occur. We are charged up and ready to crush it. This is the Tsunami we have trained for our whole life. We are ready!

To date we have already built a few advanced proprietary systems ready to go to work for our organization.

Our capture page technology at http://wavefour.com/greybull ( a self-replication capture system) that is connected with a top level professional telemarketing call center that is plugged into the Oceans Ave back office and there to convert your respondents into distributors. You know what this means right?


Drive traffic to the system, when they register by simply clicking on the Facebook icon, LinkedIN icon, Twitter icon, etc. you are immediately alerted to the lead and the call center begins calling them to educate them and lead them into the ultimate decision to join your business. There is no limit or back logging. The system can accommodate as many people you can send there.

This type of system can be recreated all over on as many domains as we see fit. With each capture page designed to professional standards with professionally produce videos using professional actors. (The video production is underway right now. Videos as professional as anything Ellison media has produced an probably of better creative design and production.

A self-replicating system just for the selling of the flag ship products like the 2 Minute Miracle Gel like this system, already in place and working http://mymiraclegel.com

Advanced blogs designed for Press releases (We will be doing these just not yet) like ouhttp://wavefour.net system as well as my http://itsgoodbusiness.net blog when it is converted over from the old Trivita days. It will be used to educate people on the costs of marketing and the cost of customers. Not the typical MLM pitch blogs, but real blogs with real information and training that real entrepreneurs seek.

We have a solid Wave theme for this company. Domains that are well aged with high Google PR rankings like wavefour.com and wavefour.net/ Like Veretekk.com and Itsgoodbusiness.net. We own over 300 well established and aged and well ranked domains which will all be used for the marketing for our team.

Mike Darling and I are professionals, in advertising, copy writing, press release distribution, direct mail response programs, SEO and Asocial Marketing expertise.

Our Fan Page at http://facebook.com/wavefour is currently at 1400 Likes and is growing by about 100-200 per day. Organic growth, not artificial growth.

We own domains like cooperativemarketing.tv, coopmarketing.tv, wavriders.net , wavrider.org, ewava.com, are a few of the 300+ domains we have well established and aged. Makes for better SEO results. This assists greatly in getting top SEO results. I own over 10 social groupings (A specifically identified group) portfolio of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, etc. with some of these accounts like my twitter account with 10,000 or more members. Facebook memberships in excess of 7000 and personal relationships with many celebrities and wealthy owners of successful companies. We are well connected in many markets.

Remember we just sold Veretekk too, so we have plenty of capital for a massive ad campaign using Youtube, Google ads, radio, Hulu, direct mail, etc. Not to mention the massive press release campaigns we are preparing to launch.


We just sold a huge asset, yet we will retain control of it (Veretekk) for the benefit of Ocean Avenue (a free advanced labeled system for Ocean Ave) available for anyone to subscribe to and use. However, it will contain advertising throughout it that all points to our rotational capture systems just for our top leaders to qualify for to receive that traffic.

We are masters at building professional videos. One such video about to be released for the spa community will be made available for the low tech use of Tablets to deliver the presentation in a one on one or digital display. Each unit will also have an ap installed for the distributor to use for ease of recruitment. This is made available to bring tech to the warm market. These Tablets will be made available for Gold Ambassadors in our organization only.

Example of a video produced for a company called OneSource:

We invented the replicating PDF files. We use this technology to offer free ebooks, that are personalized and carry advertising with personalized phone numbers and web sites. One such book we are in the process of prepping for this lead generating system is David Hull’s The Breakthrough which is about why warm marketing works if done right. I have read this book and concur he is right on with his message. This book will be made available for free, from the domain breakthroughebook.com and will be another lead generator hooked into the telemarketing respond service.

We literally have and control a database of over 25 million subscribers from Veretekk and also have them in our sphere of influence. We have the assets to command attention on the Internet and will be able to get any markets attention and compel them to our systems for our exclusive use for our organization.


We are the fastest growing organization in the company and positioned just a few distributors from the top. I have become close friends with the only Master Distributor who also is a big wave surfer as myself. We are bonded on many levels. I have great respect for him and honor this new friendship with Kauri Thompson.

I have crushed companies with my marketing in the past. This time, we are going to unleash everything in our arsenal and this time this company has the resources to not just withstand the growth but to explode and become the next great story.

We invite you to become part of this historic event and take part in writing this chapter in history.

Kawabunga, surfs up!

Thomas Prendergast
Big Wave Surfer and Master of Marketing

P.S. I have also published 6 books over the last 20 years as well. I am sure I have missed a lot of other important points but I think you get the picture, we are ready to ride Mavericks!















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